Start Communicating Effectively


Businesses are so busy burying themselves in Facebook accounts and SEO for Dummies guides that they're losing potential customers. 

The fact is that sales & marketing is the same as it's always been. Sure, the formats have changed, and some skills need tweaked, but everything still boils down to communication. 

Whether it's a blog post, a targeted sales letter, or the homepage of your new website, what matters most is great content and effective messaging. If your readers are engaged, if they learn something new or are interested in your business, that's where the sales come from. 

Of course SEO and strategy are important, even vital, but communication trumps all. 

I offer you the lot.

The result is content which compels readers to action. It's pretty simple, really.


So, What Can I Do For You? 


Website Copy

Your website is NOT simply a way to show off your fancy head shots and brag about your experience. 

A good website means more customers, better customers, and paying customers

Quick example.

I worked with one of my clients, The Scalers, to improve the messaging on their homepage. The site was pretty good, and the essential information was already there. 

So what did they hire me for? 

I made changes to the tone, moved some things around, swapped out some words, and that kind of thing. The result? 

Before, the client was getting about 1 qualified lead, straight from the website, per month. Without any increase in traffictoday they get one strong lead every 2-3 days

That's 10-15x more leads (which, if you know what you're doing, become clients) with just a couple hours' of tweaking. That's why they hired me. 

Never underestimate the power of messaging on your website. 

Blogs & Articles

  • Looking to increase traffic to your site? 
  • Want to climb up Google rankings? 
  • Time to grow your audience and generate a huge mailing list?

run a business blog

With the right promotion, blogging is a sure-fire way of growing your audience, and fundamentally, generating more sales. 

Less frequent, showstopper feature articles are perfect for promoting new products or services, or demonstrative expertise on a hot topic. 

Sales & Marketing materials

Your business can market itself in a thousand different ways; it's my job to: 

A) Crystallise your messaging.
A) Generate more leads.
B) Convert those leads to sales.

Whether it's a sales letter to your database of old customers, a landing page to bring in new leads, a cold pitch to generate new business - I can produce it for you. 

Not sure what you're looking for? Get in touch and let's have the conversation. If I can't help, I won't waste your time. 


What My Clients Are Saying

High attention to detail, always stays on task and an absolute expert communicator. This task was far more challenging than usual and you stepped up in a big way. Looking forward to working with you again in the future Jake.
— Matt Scully, Founder, SportsWhereIAm.
Jake’s writing is excellent. He understood our requirements and executed our briefs perfectly. We had 100% confidence Jake would hit the mark with each brief and we will certainly be rehiring Jake for future copywriting work.
— Andy Kirby, Director, VapeShoreditch.
Jake has demonstrated a genuine understanding of the role a professional copywriter plays in the web development process, with a degree of competency and professionalism rarely seen when working with freelancers.

He is approachable, adaptable, and accepting of feedback that helps improve his product and fine-tune his workflow. In every respect, Jake is a pleasure to work with.
— Cameron Martel, CEO, SimpliedSEO.

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